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Layouts and links to check out 

James Hilton produces a lot of kits under various names Narrow Planet, 0 6.5 minimum gauge etc:  has a blog with lots of small/micro projects Look for Mollington Road. And his 00 6.5 minimum gauge micro layouts. 

Budget model railways built a coronavirus microlayout in 00 scale. Features on YouTube 
Small Layout Design Handbook by James Hilton:

Narrow planet/light railway stores

Titfield thunderbolt books

Marshall Stull's fantastic blog with a focus on small model railways, including prototype information.

Superb micro modelling from this Japanese modeller:

Tim Horn Laser Cutting*
*Tim's website is currently closed for reconstruction, but an email address is available. 

Sakuradani Light Railway in Japan
After you do that, you then need to follow the link labelled “official homepage

Carl Arendt's Square Foot Estate Railway:

Llanastr. Rodney Halls Brecon & Merthyr Micro Layout

Model Rail magazine features plenty of micro layouts though they do stretch the definition of Micro from time to time.

Callum Wilcox has a micro layout heavy YouTube presence as SDJR8F88

Milland Valley Railway - Dioramas and Micro layouts Facebook page.

Neil Rushby’s blog has not been updated for a long time but a search among the pages of you will find Shell Island. A delightful micro

Scalescenes offers a couple of Micro in a Box file kits. Everything for a layout for you to download and print off at home

Le Tain de Jules, though in French has a lot of good content on it much of it micro 

There’s also the French magazine Voie Libre with checking out. The website is in French (naturellement) but there’s an English translation available and an iPad app to download the magazine.